Pixel Spheres

LMG offers 360-degree LED Solaris+ Pixel Spheres as part of our LED product line. Solaris+ pixel spheres are an extremely cost effective way to furnish eye catching video and graphic effects with creative designs for your next tour. The 360° viewing allows designers to  place the viewers in the middle of pixel spheres, or even surround the audience. The Solaris+ pixel spheres can be gathered up to form openings, hung in drapes, or hoisted to move the whole curtain in 3D space.

The Solaris + product is made with 40mm diameter spheres  with white opaque diffuser mounted at 120mm on  a flexible cable line. One standard line has a length of 96 cm, assembled with 8 spheres, and has quarter turn connectors at each end. Ropes may be of any length up to a maximum of  8 meters (64 balls), and the ropes can be curved or wound into any shape. 

Features and Specifications:
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Pixel Pitch: 120mm / 4.7 in
  • 16 Million Colors
  • 0.79 lbs. per line; 6.39 lbs. per square meter
  • 8 Pixel Spheres per line 
  • Viewing Angle: 360°
  • Pixel Type: Opaque RGB ball, 40mm diameter
  • Power: 0.5 Watts per pixel at 100% output